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Emily Keitel
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Emily Eichler

Pancake Roulette

Can't get enough pancakes, but want a faster way to produce them in your very own home? Well, let me solve your problem by introducing you to the top of the line pancake maker called Pancake Roulette! When using the Pancake Roulette, the perfect amount of pancake batter is simply dispensed out the bottom onto a skillet, where it is evenly cooked for the ideal pancake everytime! Clean up is a breeze and different topping containers are color coded and are clearly labeled for easy reading during those hard to wake up mornings. Oh wait, did I mention Pancake Roulette is also fun? Are you someone who wants to start living life on the edge? Spin the pancake toppings and never eat a predictable pancake ever again! Options of toppings are endless including bananas, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, apples, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and last, but not least, syrup. Really pancake lovers, can it get much better than that?

To make our invention called Pancake Roulette, we combined a cross between a blender and funnels where our pancake batter and toppings will be depensed. Ingredients will be dispensed to a timer, correctly being distributed onto the skillet. The pancake will continue to cook and will use the spatual to flip itself half way through. When time is up, the timer will sound which will then stop the skillet, producing a pancake thoroughly cooked to a perfect golden brown. Lastly, the pancake creater will choose a topping to dispense and enjoy! You have the the perfect pancake made fast and easy.

If trying to eat healthier one morning, one can easily use wheat pancake batter, avoid using butter, and chose to use only fruit options as toppings by avoiding the few toppings such as whipped cream and chocolate chips!

We hope you enjoy the new Pancake Roulette! We are positive it will soon be found in a kitchen near you!

Pancake Roulette