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Derrick Dengler
Ryan Fliss
Lindsay Ambrose
Jordan Bohl
Andrew Kruse

Our breakfast invention is called the Dragon! The Dragon is capable of FULL BREAKFAST PRODUCTION! The Dragon is ESSENTIALLY a toaster set on its side with skillet technology on the top, fruit dispensing devices on the side, and holding
CAPABILITIES! Equipped with a FULL-LENGTH conveyor belt, the Dragon channels all of the food TOWARDS your plate, and comes in two sizes, household and mass production! Complete with a set of KNOBS, TURNING WHEELS and WARNING LABELS, it is superior to anything that any of the other groups have developed! The Dragon is endorsed by Derek Jeter as the NUMBER ONE breakfast machine next to cereal boxes on the market! Made in the U.S. of A. Pictures of this superior device are shown below, however this picture is a mass production prototype. Patent pending.