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Libby Sturgeon
Alex Toft
Michael Williams

So, for our breakfast invention we have decided to take a very creative and unique approach that probably won't work in the actual world, but in theory, if all the components worked together, would create a pretty fantastic machine.

Household items being used:
Frying pans
Alarm Clock

1. An alarm clock wakes up a well trained monkey and startles a chicken who inevitably lays an egg into our egg catapult.
2. The monkey grabs bacon from the refrigerator,opens the bacon and places it into a frying pan. The monkey then turns on the stove.
3. The monkey cooks the bacon flipping it every so often. Once the bacon is done the monkey takes the bacon and places it onto a plate.
4. An old-fashioned alarm clock goes off signaling that the bacon is done. The old-fashioned alarm clock is attached to a string so as it moves it pulls the string firing the egg catapult.
5. The egg catapult launches the eggs that the chicken has laid into a colander which separates the egg yolks from the shell. The yolks drain into the frying pan and the monkey scrambles the eggs with the whisk.
6. The monkey cooks the eggs and then dishes them onto the plate next to the still steaming hot bacon.
7. You eat and enjoy the delicious breakfast made for you by your well trained, special machine/monkey!


Our Breakfast Machine